Operations: I can offer training for Mini Gastric Bypass, Sleeve Gastrectomy and RYGB operations. My main work is MGB. 

UGI Endoscopy: We can also offer experience in pre-operative UGI endoscopy as I routinely conduct diagnostic OGD for all my patients pre-operatively. I also perform post operative OGD or intervention if indicated. 

Bariatric MDT: The fellow would get exposure to our structured bariatric MDT. All bariatric patients including high risk and complex patients are discussed in the meeting which is attended by surgeons, junior doctors, bariatric dieticians, bariatric nurse specialist and MDT co-ordinator. Anaesthetist attend as per need. 

Structured Patient Pathway: The fellow would be exposed to our preoperative group education session run for our patients. Depending on the time of the month they would be welcome in our bariatric support group session (Post operative patients share their experience once a month) 

Research and Publications: I have been trained from Sunderland Hospital which was the first hospital in the UK to introduce Mini Gastric Bypass (MGB-OAGB). We performed the first cohort of around 200 patients. We published the first data of MGB in the UK. (Mini Gastric Bypass: first report of 125 consecutive cases from United Kingdom. Parmar CD, Mahawar KK, Schroeder N, Balupuri S, Small PK. Clin Obes. 2016 Feb;6(1):61-7).  ​

We also published the most recent largest systematic review on this procedure. (One Anastomosis (Mini) Gastric Bypass Is Now an Established Bariatric Procedure: a Systematic Review of 12,807 Patients. Parmar CD et al. Obes Surg. 2018 Sep;28(9):2956-2967.)

We have an article on the key steps of the operation (One anastomosis gastric bypass: key technical features, and prevention and management of procedure-specific complications.)

I have many other publications on MGB, RYGB and Sleeve Gastrectomies in peer reviewed journals. 

I have written two chapters in the only book published on MGB-OAGB  '' Essentials of Mini - One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass'' by Springer International publishing house. I have nearly 100 national and International presentations. 

In the two weeks with me the fellow would get some exposure/tips about research, publication and presentation if needed.

I am an Executive member (treasurer) of the MGB-OAGB International club along with Mario Musella and K Kular (who offer this mini fellowship). Hence it would help the fellow develop links with the International club. 

Commute and Tourism: My hospital is located in North Central London and is next to train station. This provides good travel links with London airports. London would be an attractive destination for tourism to the fellows and obviously I will be able to guide them. 

Mr. Chetan Parmar  MS, DNB, PGDHHM, FRCS
Consultant Bariatric/UGI and General Surgeon,Clinical Governance Lead,
The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust,

Apply for the IBC Mini-Fellowship with prof. Chetan Parmar