IBC Membership rules


Applying physician is responsible to cover all associated costs, including flights, hotels, accommodation, food and daily expanses.

Fellows are responsible to obtain insurance, including malpractice insurance and personal health insurance. 

Fellows are requested to provide the highest moral standards, including providing patient privacy and confidentiality. No data including images, video, clinical or personal information will be published are shared in any form, including personal notes, recording, web sites, social media, email, text messages, etc. 

Patients' privacy and dignity is our top priority. Patients will be introduced to Fellows and ask for written permission to participate in their care at any level, even observing. 

Fellows not following the highest standards will be immediately rejected. 


We  offer two types of training: 2 weeks (focused) and 4 weeks (general)

Certificate should include details including case logs, activities - scrubbing vs observing, rounding, discussions, decision making, etc. Those details can be specified in an additional letter

The content of training depends on the Site Director and needs to discussed prior to applying. This includes the level of engagement: hands on or observation. 

The International Bariatric Club is not responsible for the content of the Course or any other aspects of the training including but not limited to clinical decisions. The only function of the International Bariatric Club and intention of the IBC Mini Fellowship is to match training centers with interested trainees. 


Licensure and insurance may be required and needs to be discussed with the Site Director before applying. 

Fellows should obtain local training license as required by local authorities. You may consider covering the fellowship  under the Director's  license,  but this needs a clear WRITTEN permission and needs to be signed by both a Fellow and Director. 


Fellows may be requested to pay a tuition fee which is fair providing Program Directors will spend significant amount of time teaching.  Some Directors agreed to be paid $1000/week. If for some reasons a fellow can not afford it, we should wave the tuition. The purpose of the tuition is to compensate Director's  time which  would be otherwise spent operating. Program Directors will calculate it and suggest a tuition which is tailored to your specific situation. 


Fellows will enter their fellowship feedback, including case logs, number of cases, scope of training, presentation, etc to a dedicated, password-protected web site. 

IBC will only use this information to confirm the training and issue the certificate. The information provided by Fellows is strictly confidential and will not be shared with any external persons of organizations without written permission of the Fellow. 

Program Directors will send list of fellows to IBC Main office at info@ibcclub.org

Program Directors will announce list of available dates for the entire 2019. This should be announced on IBC FB and the website by the end of December 2018.